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New Jersey

As taken from NJ Fish and Wildlife

Where to get your clamming license in NJ

2006 Licensing Fees and Info

• Residential recreational clam: $10.
• Harvest limit of 150 hard, soft, surf clams (in aggregate) per day. Sale of catch prohibited.
• Non-resident recreational clam: $20. Harvest limit of 150 hard, soft, surf clams per day.
Sale of catch prohibited. License valid only during the months of June, July, August and September.
• Juvenile recreational clam: $2. For persons under 14 years of age. Subject to same restrictions as
resident or nonresident adult recreational license holders.
• Commercial clam: $50. Unlimited harvest. Clams may be sold to certified dealers only.
• Oyster, commercial or recreational: $10. Unlimited oyster harvest. Oysters may be sold to certified dealers only.
• Senior Citizen recreational: FREE ($2 application fee) recreational clam/oyster license—
NJ residents age 62 years or older. Harvest limit, 150 clams per day. Unlimited oyster harvest. Sale of clams or oysters prohibited.
1. All persons must be licensed to harvest any hard clams, soft clams, surf clams and oysters.
2. It is illegal to harvest clams, oysters and mussels from condemned waters, even for bait purposes.
It is also illegal to harvest surf clams from beaches adjacent to water classified as condemned.
Water classification charts are available from license agents, any state shellfish office or Marine Police Station.
Charts are updated annually.
3. Shellfish harvesting is prohibited before sunrise, after sunset and on Sundays.
4. Harvesting of clams, oysters, bay scallops and mussels on public grounds is restricted to the use of hand implements.
5. It is illegal to harvest shellfish from leased grounds. These grounds are delineated by stakes or buoys set by the lease holder. Charts of the leases may be examined at the Nacote Creek or Bivalve Shellfish Offices during regular business hours.

Hard Clams

1. No person shall harvest more than 150 clams per day unless such person is a holder of a commercial clam license.
Only certified shellfish dealers may purchase clams from commercial harvesters.
All persons selling clams commercially must tag each container listing date of harvest, name and address of the
harvester and the waters from which the shellfish were harvested.
2. A non-resident recreational license is valid only during the months of June, July,August and September.
3. Anyone engaged in any clamming activity with someone holding a commercial clam license
must also possess their own commercial clam license.
4. It is illegal to dredge hard clams. Hand implements are the only legal harvest methods.
5. The minimum size of hard clams that may be harvested is 11⁄2 inches in length. Clams less than
11⁄2 inches in length must be immediately returned to the bottom from which they were taken.
6. It is illegal to harvest shellfish on Sunday except in the seasonal waters of the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers